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 Verification Research Study:  Cryogenic Fluid Pool Spread

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SNL has recently (2010) conducted a large scale experiment to examine the transient LNG pool spreading behavior on water.  CFD2000 simulations were compared to experimental data.  The results compared well.

LNG was spilled onto a large pool of water with a diameter of 120 meters.  A specially constructed release device (diffuser) was placed in the center of the pool (see figure below).  Initially, LNG was released at an average flow rate of 0.16 cubic meters per second, and lasting 40 seconds.  Subsequently, a full open release stage occurs lasting over 3 minutes, at an average flow rate of 1.91 cubic meters per second.


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CFD2000 is currently being utilized at universities and research organizations around the world as a simulation tool to solve many challenging and interesting fluids and heat transfer problems.

STORM is a fast and efficient 3-D finite-volume Navier-Stokes solver that has been extensively validated against experimental data.

STORM has advanced physical modeling capabilities such as advanced chemistry, particle tracking, porous media, non-Newtonian fluids, conjugate heat transfer, free surface, radiation, and moving body problems.


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