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Do you or your organization have experience in CFD application engineering?   If so, and you are well connected in the fields of engineering, you should consider developing a CFD business that can be successful and rewarding.

Adaptive Research is continually seeking to develop strategic business partnerships in order to provide high quality CFD software and services to customers world-wide.  If your organization would like to explore a possible partnership, please email

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CFD2000 Reseller

Becoming a CFD2000 Reseller is easy.  Simply email Adaptive Research requesting a Reseller Application.  Complete the application and fax back to Adaptive Research.  An Adaptive Research partnering associate will contact you.

Adaptive Research

Reseller certificates are non-exclusive licenses to market, sell, and distribute the CFD2000 software system.

Premier Partnership

Are you interested in establishing a full-time business involving CFD consulting services and CFD software sales/support?  Adaptive Research is seeking full-time CFD business partners within countries from all over the world.  Exclusive CFD2000 software distribution rights can be granted to qualified organizations with a comprehensive business plan (certain terms and conditions apply).  If you are seriously considering a full-time CFD business and would like to partner with Adaptive Research, please email

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